"Controlling visually guided behavior by holographic recalling of cortical ensembles", professor Rafael Yuste

Fotonika Tue 23 Jul 2019

Lecture by Professor Rafael Yuste: "Controlling visually guided behavior by holographic recalling of cortical ensembles"

On July 23, Professor Rafael Yuste from Columbia University (USA), and since this year also Prof. at Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) thanks to Ikerbasque, delivered a lecture to an audience of medical doctors and physicists. In his lecture, he spoke about how the brain can be viewed as a complex neural network and brain activity can be modeled as the emergent phenomena of the connectivity of that network. He also presented one of his last research works, “Controlling Visually Guided Behavior by Holographic Recalling of Cortical Ensembles”, recently published in Cell magazine.

Prof. Yuste is Professor of Biological Sciences and Neurosciences at Columbia University (USA). Yuste has been the leader of a large-scale international initiative that aims to record and manipulate the activity of each neuron within the brain circuits, BRAIN. He is exploring the connection between neurobiology and physics. The lecture was co-organized by DIPC and Euskampus Fundazioa.


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