About us

The Euskampus Photonics Community gathers colleagues from academic and technology research institutions in order to:

  • Strengthen excellence in various photonics-related fields. Being a community may help researchers maintain this position or even strengthen it further.
  • Eventually contribute to global, societal challenges, and to Basque Country Smart Specialization priorities. Photonics currently has a strong fingerprint in solving crucial problems in contemporary societal challenges, and can have a high impact in several RIS3 priorities. 
  • Educate/train people from the Basque Country and elsewhere, because having highly educated/trained people in photonics is crucial whether the focus is on excellent research or on the social and economic use of knowledge.
  • Enhance the international connectivity, particularly with the University of Bordeaux and its partners.

Currently Fotonika is composed of researchers from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), DIPC, Tecnalia, CFM CSIC-UPV/EHU, nanoGUNE, and biomaGUNE.

In this web, different maps of the Euskampus Photonics Community are presented in terms of:

  • the Photonics Research Fields and Topics addressed by the Community,
  • the socio-economic challenges in which the Community activity could eventually have and impact,
  • and the connection to the different Priorities identified in the Basque Country Smart Specialization Strategy (Euskadi RIS3)