Water management and sanitation

Socio-economic impact

Development of novel healthcare treatments based on photonics Advanced quality control systems Increasing precision manufacturing Increasing performance (cost-competitive and resource-efficient) of production processes Fully digital value chain from supplier, producer, customer, user… Data communications, always and everywhere Internet of Things: a world of increasing connectivity and complexity High-performance processing (classical and quantum) Energy efficiency (highly efficient energy generation, lighting, etc.) Green photonics (for example organic photovoltaics, OLEDs) Advanced sensing and imaging techniques Encryption technologies Connected, autonomous vehicles Smart roads Monitoring of soil, fields, livestock, machinery Food manufacturing, inspection and packaging Water management and sanitation Promoting circular economy Portable and immediate chemical and biological sensing Health diagnosis, therapies and surgeries Data-driven economy and digital society Clean growth and clean environment Security and safety for society Future mobility Agrifood and food safety Empowering smart, efficient industry Ageingsociety

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Applied Photonics Group

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Joseba Zubia
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The "Applied Photonics Bilbao", started his research activities on Polymer Optical Fibres and optical sensors in 1993.

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