Creative and cultural industries

Euskadi RIS3 Impact

Strengthening the Oil & Gas Sector Solutions based on solar thermoelectric Electrical networksand processes Medical devices and digital health Systems of diagnosis in the field of rare diseases Personalized medicine: prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring Big Data and Advanced Data Analysis: tools andmethodologies Neurosciences and neurotechnologies:diagnostic procedures, prediction andinnovative therapies Ecodesign Servitization for durability Plastics, rubbers and composites: closing of the polymer cycle Healthy and personalized diet ICTs in production, logistics and marketing processes Safe and quality food: new detection and conservationtechnologies New food production systems New gastronomic developmentsfor sensitive populations Advanced materials and processes Flexible, intelligent and efficient manufacturing systems Development of creative and cultural environments Energy efficiency Positioning and dissemination Basque Observatory of Culture Urban regeneration Circular economy Green infrastructures Smart cities Mobility Sustainable building Digitally connected factories Key metals for the reduction of waste Remanufacturing and advanced manufacturing Energetic efficiency in the industry Electric mobility Development of equipment, components and services in offshore wind energy Health Biosciences Ecosystems Food Advanced manufacturing Creative and cultural industries Urban Habitat Energy
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